Gardening Tasks


  • Time to plant container grown shrubs and perennials.
  • Split and replant established perennials.
  • Opportunity to move conifers and evergreens,
    securely stake and well water in.
  • Move alpines with minimum disturbance to their roots.
  • Stop feeding spent flowers.
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs, which are
    available now from our Trading Centre.
  • Wait till October for planting tulips.
  • Plant prepared hyacinth bulbs for Christmas asap.


  • Deadhead dahlias to encourage extended flowering.
  • Collect seed heads of annuals for spring sowing.
  • Clear summer bedding and treat soil.
  • Plant out violas, wallflowers and primulas.
  • Don't plant wallflowers in same spot two years running.
  • Clip hedges for a neat winter appearance.
  • Prune climbing and rambling roses after flowering.
  • Prune weeping standards.


  • Mow lawns less regularly, raising the mower blades.
  • Scarify and spike to improve drainage.
  • Apply autumn lawn dressing
    available now from our Trading Centre.
  • Treat and sow worn areas.
  • Sow new lawns or lay turf.


  • Dig up remaining maincrop potatoes before slug damage.
  • Plant overwintering crops: garlic, onions, turnips,
    spinach, Brussels sprouts and cabbage.
  • Consider a quick crop of baby spinach.
  • Sow parsley for spring picking.
  • Sow green manures on unproductive areas.


  • Cut out fruited canes of summer raspberries and
    tie in new canes.
  • From mid month plant new fruit trees and bushes.
  • Take in container grown tender fruit trees.