Gardening Tasks


  • Prune lavender and other grey-leaved shrubs by a third to encourage bushy growth.
  • Prune ribes and forsythia shrubs after flowering.
  • Tie in shoots of clematis, roses and any other climbers.
  • Plant grasses and bamboos.
  • Prepare soil for summer bedding, plant out mid month.
  • Stake and tie plants in the herbaceous border.
  • Sow wallflowers, canterbury bells and sweet william for next year.

dead head

  • When finished flowering, dead head spring bulbs and
    apply fertiliser stocked by our Trading Centre.
  • Lift and divide overcrowded clumps.
  • Plant out dahlia tubers, canna roots and sweet peas.
  • Plant summer bulbs as gladioli which are stocked
    by our Trading Centre.
  • Extend flowering period by planting batches every two weeks until June.

seed planting

  • Sow celery, beetroot, lettuce, salad leaves, watercress
    and rocket.
  • Sow pumpkin and squashes.
  • Mid month plant runner and French beans.
  • Plant out pot grown tomatoes, courgette, squashes
    and cucumbers.
  • Mix in compost when earthing up your potato plants.


  • In the greenhouse:
  • Take cuttings from tender plants.
  • Ventilate on warm days.
  • Water first thing or in the evening.
  • Plant up hanging baskets.


  • Look out for Aphids and treat as necessary.
  • Never use insecticides on fruit during flowering,
    as may kill pollinating insects.
  • Begin harvesting early potatoes once flowers open.
  • Keep weeds under control.
  • Mow the lawn regularly.
  • Mix grass cuttings into the compost heap.
  • Apply supplement fertiliser which is available now
    at the Trading Centre.