2019 HIHS Meetings

Links To 2019 Meetings Posted Below
January"Unusual Plants
For The British Gardener"
by Roger Hirons

February"In Praise of Apples""
by Charlotte Popescu

March"Bugs Eat Bugs"
by Roger Hirons

April"Scented Plants Through The Year"
by Marcus Dancer

January Speaker: Roger Hirons

Tulip tree
Roger gave a fascinating talk on a wide range of unusual
and rare plants that can flourish in our gardens,
bringing a large selection to illustrate his talk.

Take this link to the full report. in pdf format.

February Speaker: Charlotte Popescu

Charlotte proved to have an impressive knowledge on apples
and the breadth of the presentation ensured there was
something to please everybody.

Take this link to the full report. in pdf format.

March Speaker: Steve Bradley

Steve gave a presentation on how we can
use biological methods of garden pest control
and avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

Biological controls cause no damage to plants.
Pests do not develop resistance.
Natural enemies can establish and introduce balance.
Being usually specific to certain pests,
they do no harm to non target species.
They offer a solution where pesticides cannot be used.
Generally they do not interfere with normal gardening.

Take this link to the full report. in pdf format.

April Speaker: Marcus Dancer

Scented Plants
‘Scented Plants Throughout The Year’

Marcus runs his nursery, Marcus Dancer Plants
located near Fordingbridge, Hants
specialising for a number of years in clematis.

The illustrated presentation offered information on,
the many and diverse plants offering scent
for both gardeners and insects delight.

A report of the talk is in preparation.