2016 HIHS Meetings

Links To 2016 Meetings Posted Below
JanuaryHouse, Conservatory and Greenhouse Plants
by John Negus
FebuaryPlants and their Wicked Ways
by Alan Martin
MarchGrowing And Showing Fuschias
by Derek Dexter
April"Losing The Plot"
by Andy McIndoe
September"Autumn Aspirations
Looking Forward To Spring"
by Paul Patton

Outline of January 2016 Talk:
House, Conservatory and Greenhouse Plants

house plants
The first talk of our 2016 season was by John Negus
A photo-journalist who is on the R.H.S. list of Speakers.
Member of the Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Kent
Federations of Judges and broadcasts regularly
on Radio Surrey and Sussex.

You will also find him writing features for ‘Woman’s Weekly’
and answering queries on the ‘Daily Mail Gardening Road Shows’
together with responding to queries to ‘Amateur Gardening’.

On the wet overcast afternoon it was gloomy outside
but inside the URC Hall it was bright and colourful
as John presented his series of overheads
showing both flowering and decorative leaf plants.

Take this link to the full report. in pdf format.

Outline of February 2016 Talk:
Plants and Their Wicked Ways

toxic plants
Alan Martin's talk on Wednesday 24th February
was very well attended and proved very informative.

The botanical world provides us food, drink,
building materials, medicines, herbs, spices, decoration
and a whole lot more.

However many flora and fauna bring danger to mankind.
Lots may be found in tropical jungles and remote places;
however many are just as likely to turn up as house plants
or even in our back gardens!

Globally near a million people are poisoned annually by plants
of which 15,000 die, including many children who
tend make a habit of eating berries, leaves, seeds and roots.

Potentially harmful garden plants: RHS guidance

Take this link to the full report. in pdf format.

Outline of March 2016 Talk:
Growing And Showing Fuschias

Our talk on Wednesday 23rd March 2016
Derek Dexter who let us into the secrets of his
renown showing success with fuscias.

We were given a slide show of his techniques for:
over wintering, using those plants to form new,
and stopping their tips to achieve bushy plants
with perfect blooms timed for the show bench.

Take this link to the full report. in pdf format.

Outline of April 2016 Talk:
Andrew McIndoe - Losing The Plot

Andrew McIndoe
On an unseasonal cold late April evening
Andrew McIndoe gave a great presentation,
in the Hayling Island Community Centre.

The talk was about scaling down - retirement gardening
for those making the move to a smaller garden
wanting to enjoy, rather than struggle to maintain it.

Creating low maintenance small gardens for the less able,
to relax, but still leave scope for some pleasurable work.

Advice on narrowing the choice to 'hardworking' plants,
but leaving room for some 'guilty pleasures',
as well as planting schemes and ideal plant combinations.

September 2016 Talk:
"Autumn Aspirations
Looking Forward To Spring"
by Paul Patton

Paul is a professional horticulturist,
plant pathologist, writer and broadcaster
with 40 years in the growing industry,
farming and horticulture.

His illustrated talk was inspiring and instructive
presented in an entertaining style.

Take this link to the full report. in pdf format.