Show Guide for Novices:
Floral Art Classes

These interpretations are based on guidance within;
The RHS Horticultural Show Handbook and
The NFWI On With The Show publication.
Both can be referenced at the Show Recorder's table.
Be aware the HIHS Rules for Exhibitors take precedence.

Links to articles posted below:
Rules For Exhibitors

Staging Floral Art

Judging Criteria

Rules For Exhibitors

floral art
Floral Art classes, in HIHS Shows, are open to non members.

All entrants must comply with the HIHS Rules For Exhibitors
and the 2nd Edition (2009) of the NAFAS Competitions Manual.

No person shall stage more than one entry per class.
All exhibits must be the unaided work of the competitor.
All exhibits must be assembled in the venue.
Elements requiring special time or expertise for their preparation,
may be brought assembled for incorporation in the exhibit,
although these items must not predominate in the exhibit.

An exhibit is composed of natural plant material,
with or without accessories.
Natural plant material to predominate in all classes.

The use of aerosols, paint and other sprays, glue guns
and other electrical equipment in the hall is prohibited,

The decision of the Judge is final.
Exhibits cannot be removed before the close of the show.

Exhibits and competitors property will be
at the entire risk of the competitor.

Staging Floral Art Entries

floral art
Staging will be in alcoves approx 560mm deep x 610mm wide.
Height is unrestricted unless otherwise stated.
Nothing to be attached to the background.
Exhibits must be staged within the space allowed.
Exhibits will be staged in predominantly artificial lighting.

It is the exhibitor's responsibility to ensure:
Their entry is in accordance with the schedule.
The applicable entry card is placed alongside, correct side up.

Following alocated staging time competitors must leave the hall.

For guidance on interpretation of classes in floral art classes
in HIHS shows contact Mrs Pam Welch (Tel 023 9236 5078).

Judging Criteria

Judging of floral art entries in HIHS Shows will be to
the 2nd Edition (2009) of the NAFAS Competitions Manual.

Judges of floral art entries generally consider six elements.

Colour harmony.
Design balance, proportion, space, form and texture.
Plant material relativity and condition.
Accordance and mechanics of other components.
Presentation and effect.

Marks may be lost for:

Exceeding the allotted space.
Not utilizing space allowed to full potential.
Poor use of elements and principles of design.
Poor workmanship and presentation.
Lack of harmony.
Creased, stained or unsuited accessories.
Water leaking from the exhibit.

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