Hayling Lions and HIHS
2019 Schools Challenge

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Invitation To Participate
Theme: A Sensory Garden
Judging and 2019 Results
Contact For Further Information
Advice: Gardening With Children and Youth

Invitation To Participate

All 5 schools on Hayling Island were invited to participate
With cash prizes donated by Hayling Lions
1st Prize £150 - 2nd Prize £100 - 3 Runner up Prizes of £80.

Theme: A Sensory Garden

The challenge for the children was to design, plant and tend
a 1.5m x 2.5m garden with a mixture of plants,
chosen for smell, sound, touch, sight and taste.
Ornaments made by the children could be incorporated.
All together with associated practical and written work.


Each schools entry needed to demonstrate involvement
of the children with any adult helpers.

Pupils were required to produce a scrap book
the work in the book to be done by children,
with the contents to their individual choice.
Such could have includd:
Photographs of the garden stages of development.
Pupils own written and creative work.
Understanding of the concept.
Plants grown and horticulture needs.
Evidence of the extent of involement,
of the children and designated helper/s.

Judging and 2019 Results

Entries were inspected by representatives
of the Lions and HIHS in mid June 2017.

Points were awarded for each of the following:
10 The design process (interpriting the brief).
10 Construction (materials, planting, technical skills).
10 Maintenance (watering, weeding, additional features).
20 Scrap Book / diary.
50 Finished garden (does it work?),

The books were put on display at the HIHS Summer Show
on Saturday 29th June at the Hayling Island Community Centre
for the enjoyment of the visiting public.

All entries were of an equally high standard
making results very close with the
First Prize awarded to Mengham Junior
who were presented with the Diana Giffard Memorial Trophy.

Second prize was awarded to Hayling College.
Joint runners up were Mill Rythe Infants and Junior Schools.

Contact For Further Information

Use this website feedback form to contact
the Schools Challenge Coordinator: Hazel Philips.

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