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Home Page Photo: Helleborus
Digging Muse
Flower Anagrams
Cold And Frosty Morn
January Folk Law
Protect From Winter's Weather
Four Shrubs Flowering in January
Grow Polyanthus From Seed
Storing Gardening Chemicals
Happy New Year

Home Page Photo:
Helleborus Christmas Rose

Helleborus which is flowering in southern gardens now,
is a part of the Ranunculaceae family.

Hellebore prefer to grow in a sheltered dappled shade,
protected from the effects of icy winds.

Commercially grown corms can be purchased
from our Trading Centre in early spring.

Plant 300mm (12 inches) apart in a moist, well-drained soil,
with leaf-mould and decayed manure applied.

Propigate by lifting old clumps in April and dividing.

Feed and mulch annually in autumn.

Digging Muse

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil
is to forget ourselves.
Mahatma Gandhi

A gardener is one who calls a spade a spade:
Until they fall over one.

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.

The best place to seek God is in a garden.
You can dig for him there.
George Bernard Shaw

Come my spade. There is no ancient gentlemen
but gardeners, ditchers, and grave-makers;
they hold up Adam's profession.
Shakespeare, Hamlet V,i

Flower Anagrams

SoresSteal micMeet Front Go
OccursLaid DoffRain on act
Arks Purl

Thy Chains

Lovely Thief Ally

Answers at the foot of this page.

Cold And Frosty Morn

If your greenhouse is devoid of plants,
open the doors and vents.
on cold and frosty mornings.

The natural way to kill off pests,
over wintering in the nooks and crannies.

Another tip is to leave the chickens inside,
to scratch over soil and root out bugs.
Their manure is also a welcome asset.

January Folk Law

If St. Paul's day be fair and clear,
it will betide a happy year.
(St. Paul's day 25th January)

By her who in this month is born,
No gems save Garnets should be worn.

January brings the snow,
Makes our feet and fingers glow.
'Sara Coleridge'

From Christmas to May, weak cattle decay.

Who in January sows oats, gets gold and groats.
Who sows in May, gets little that way.

Protect From Winter's Weather

Protect from frosts, gale-force winds and heavy rain.

Check tree ties and stakes on established plants,
replace, tighten or slacken them where necessary.

Firm back newly planted trees and shrubs,
where lifted by frost heave or strong winds.

Brush heavy snow off the branches where chance of damage.

General Gardening Tasks in January

Shrubs Flowering in January

in bloom




The January garden need not be devoid of blooms
herewith just four of the shrubs offering colour and scent
Click on the species to link to the RHS plant details.

Grow Polyanthus From Seed

Sow thinly from January onwards,
on the surface of a pot of pre-watered compost.
Place on a windowsill, 10-15°C (50-60°F),
Keep moist not letting dry out.
Seedlings generally appear in 21-42 days.

Pot on individually, holding by a leaf, never by the stem.
Plant out June-October, 20cm (8") apart.
Flowers: March to May next year.

Link to Monty Don's video: How To Sow Polyanthus.

Storing Gardening Chemicals

Store in a cool, dark, dry and locked cupboard to:

Keep each of the products in premium condition.
Prevent labels and instructions from mouldering or fading.
Keep safe from children and pets.

Check periodically to clear out obsolete items.

Advice from the RHS: Chemicals storage, usage and disposal .

Happy New Year

New Year’s is one of the oldest holidays still celebrated,
but the exact date and nature of festivities has changed over time.
It originated thousands of years ago in ancient Babylon,
celebrated as an eleven day festival on the first day of spring.

During this time, many cultures used the sun and moon cycle
to decide the “first” day of the year.
It wasn’t until Julius Caesar implemented the Julian calendar
that January 1st became the common day for the celebration.

Answers To Flower Anagrams

RosesClematisForget Me Not


Lilly of the Valley

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