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Home Page Photo: Agapanthus
September's Olden Ways
23rd September : Autumn Equinox
Hints for Successful Daffodils
Get Ready For Spring
Bulbs For Christmas Flowering
Autumn Attention To The Pond
The National Chrysanthemum Society
On Line Gardening Advice
Women's Farm and Garden Association

Home Page Photo: Agapanthus

Agapanthus (African lily) display through into late September.

They are drought tolerant and a good choice
for coastal areas, coping well with wind and salty air.

Plant in free draining soil and in full sun.
It may take two or three years for plants to establish
before flowering really takes off.

In late autumn cover the crown of the plant
with straw or fleece to protect from cold.

RHS guidance on how best to cultivate.

September's Olden Ways

Hunter's moon
Come out 'tis September,
the hunter's moon's begun,
and through the wheaten stubble,
is heard the frequent gun.

Matthew's Day, bright and clear,
brings good wine, for coming year.
(St. Matthew's Day 21st September)

Plant trees at Michaelmas.
(Feast of St. Michael the Archangel 29th September)

By all these lovely tokens
September days are here
With summer's best of weather
And autumn's best of cheer.

23rd September : Autumn Equinox

Autumn is the hush before winter.
French Proverb

Henceforth the length of darkness increases
to become greater than the daylight hours,
triggering a halt to plant growth.

One growing year comes to a close and yet
the perfect time to plant for another,
whilst the soil still retains some of summer's warmth.

Opportunity to:
Plant container grown shrubs and perennials.
Split and replant established perennials.
Move conifers, evergreens and alpines.
Begin planting spring flowering bulbs.

Hints for Successful Daffodils

Daffodils are a good investment as they will flower
and increase to give pleasure for many future years.

The Daffodil Society offer: Guidance on growing daffodils.

Our Trading Centre stocks a wide
choice of quality daffodils and spring bulbs.

Get Ready For Spring

September is also the perfect month
to start planting spring bedding.
Primula, pansies, wallflowers and sweet williams.

Prepare the soil and dig in slow release fertiliser.
Well water before removing from trays and planting.
In dry spells water till established and growing on.

Alan Titchmarsh's Tips On Spring Bedding.

Bulbs For Christmas Flowering

indoor pots
Now is the time to begin planting your bulbs
in containers for Christmas flowering.

Prepared hyacinths, Narcissus and Hippeastrum,
can all give a colourful and festive display.

RHS guidance on how to achieve.
Unwins How To Grow Indoor Bulbs For Christmas.

Autumn Attention To The Pond

Remove blanket and duckweed and decaying plant foliage.

Debris can encourage growth of algae and weeds,
harming fish by reducing available oxygen levels.

Devide and trim back plants to expose,
more than half of the water’s surface.

Cover with netting to stop autumn leaves from entering.

National Chrysanthemum Society

The National Chrysanthemum Society promotes cultivation of
Chrysanthemums by exhibitions, conferences,
Judges courses and lectures,
awarding Certificates of Merit and Medals at exhibitions
and by the issue of publications.

Their Southern Group meet at Bletchingley Hall, Surrey, RH1 4PA
contact Joe Crowland on 020 83035711

Their Articles and Reference page offers expert on line guidance.

On Line Gardening Advice

The Royal Horticultural Society website now hosts
a bounty of Grow Your Own advice and videos.

Direct Link: RHS Grow Your Own advice.

Women's Farm and Garden Association

Open to all with an interest in growing.
Opportunity to network within members to
exchange ideas and experiences.

Direct Link: WFGA website.

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