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Home Page Photo: Vinca Minor
Get Busy For The Bees
Give Camellias Some TLC
Floral Cryptic Teasers
Time to Divide Summer Perennials
March 20th: First Day of Spring
Daffodils For Next Spring
Non-Chemical Weed Control
Lilies: Growing In Containers

Home Page Photo: Vinca Minor

Vinca Minor (Periwinkle) is so easy to grow
it tends to becomes invasive so can be an
ideal ground cover plant for smothering weeds.

Not too happy in dry soils.
Tolerates sheltered seaside conditions.

Useful for shaded areas but flowers best in full sun.
Blooms from early spring to mid summer.
The leaves are evergreen with varigated forms available.

Link to RHS: Horticultural advice.

Get Busy For The Bees

Help the bees by propagating Nectar rich plants.
For the experts advice take these web links:
RHS Plants for pollinators.
Gardeners World: Best plants for bees.
BBC: Plants for bees.

Give Camellias Some TLC

March is the ideal time to give your camellias,
attention to promote flowering for next year.

Feed with an acidic fertiliser such as:
Chempak Ericaceous, Miracle-gro Ericaceous,
sulphate of ammonia or sulphate of potash.

Apply mulch around the base to trap winter rain.

Lightly prune, immediately after flowering,
to shape and remove dead or diseased wood.

Link to: RHS guidance

Floral Cryptic Teasers

1. A shy Yorkshire lass2. Solar Blooms
3. A very untidy bird4. On a stylish tandem
5. A vessel full of cholesterol6. Witch's transport
7. Aim your rotten fruit

8. A prickly Scot

Answers at the foot of this page.

Divide Summer Perennials

Spring and ideal time to divide summer flowering perennials.
to ensure healthy, vigorous, rejuvenated plants,
that will continue to perform for further years.

When replanting:
Apply fertilizer, mulch and a support frame.
Ensure plants don’t dry out while they re-establish.
Control slugs and snails to prevent damage to new growth.

Link to: RHS guidance

March 20th: First Day of Spring

There's a magic in the meadows,
There's a presence in the trees,
There's a host of dainty dancers,
Swaying gaily in the breeze.

There are buds and shoots and blossoms,
There to cause our hearts to sing.
All nature cries, "Rejoice! Rejoice!"
Because, at last, it's Spring.

(M. E. Ireland)

What does the farmer do in the spring?
He sows the seed that harvest bring:
But first he wakes the earth from sleep
By ploughing well and harrowing deep.

(Thirza Walely)

Less lyrical UK Metrological Office guide: When Does Spring Start?

Daffodils For Next Spring

Daffodils form next year's bloom now,
so give them some help by feeding with,
a general purpose fertiliser e.g. Growmore.

Dead head and leave the leaves unbunched
for at least 6 weeks after flowering.

In dry conditions after flowering,
water thoroughly until the foliage
shows signs of dying down naturally.

Where container-grown, apply a high potassium liquid feed,
such as tomato food, at one to two week intervals,
from when the blooms have faded,
until the first signs of yellowing of foliage.

Link to: RHS guidance

Non-Chemical Weed Control

Weeds can be controlled without resorting to weedkillers.
from manual removal to smothering, burning and weed barriers.

Link to: RHS advice
Link to: BBC Organic Gardening.


Forsythia × intermedia is a deciduous shrub,
with golden-yellow flowers in early spring.
Happy in most soils and locations.

RHS Link: Horticultural advice. RHS advice on how to prune.

Lilies: Growing In Containers

A quality selection of Lily bulbs
are now available from our Trading Centre.

Lilies grow well in containers, giving the flexibility
to position for maximum effect in the garden
also to fill that blank space in the border.

RHS advice on Growing Lilies In Containers.

Floral Criptic Solutions

1. Primrose2. Sunflowers
3. Ragged Robin4. Daisy
5. Buttercup6. Broom
7. Stocks

8. Thistle

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