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Home Page Photo: Viburnum x bodnantense 'Charles Lamont'
Thompson Morgan Video Guides
Is Digging Necessary?
Anagrams Of Garden Tools
Trees Near Buildings
Plastic Flower Pots
Paving The Front Garden
10 Winter Flowering Shrubs
Christmas Tree Recycle
Curious Creepy Crawley

Home Page Photo: Viburnum x bodnantense 'Charles Lamont'

Viburnum can flower sporadically from autumn until spring,
depending on the prevailing weather conditions.
During mild spells, the flowers open
and in cold spells they usually stop.

Its fragrance is very special so plant by a path,
or near your door to enjoy during the winter months.

Link for: horticultural advice.

Thompson Morgan Video Guides

Thompson Morgan has produced a series of 'How To' video gardening guides,
expert easy to follow guides on a host of gardening issues.

Link to the video index page.

Is Digging Necessary?

Some organic and bio-dynamic gardeners argue that
with raised vegetable beds digging is both unnecessary
and positively harmful to soil structure.

Soil fertility is maintained by adding organic matter
regularly to the surface as a mulch for worms
and other organisms to work into the top soil
and maintain the soil structure in healthy shape.

In time, the soil surface, even on sticky clay,
becomes darker and crumbly with a consistently good tilth
of fine but stable soil crumbs.

No dig/no till saves time, can give bigger harvests,
is ecologically beneficial and keeps carbon in the soil.

It is essential however not to walk on or compress the soil.

Anagrams Of Garden Tools

Wanting CareOutliving CheatHeed Groans
A Loner At WarShimmering StarDaggers Shine
Order Paper TablesBra Where OwlLeak Pending
We Wore Harps

Warn Me Low

Frank Gored

Link to the solutions at the foot of the page

Trees Near Buildings

Subsidence and structural damage can be linked to tree roots.
Blocked drains and lifted paving may also be a problem.

Factors involved include soil type, depth of foundations,
tree species and distance from the property.

Link to open a pdf giving professional advice and guidance.
Link the RHS webpage: Trees Near Buildings.

Plastic Flower Pots

It is estimated that 500 million plants are sold
each year in plastic pots, then on top
there are the plastic trays of bedding plants!

A standard pot takes 500 years to decompose,
and there highlights the environmental issue.

Plastic pots can be recycled:
In the Council recycle bin
At your local Wyevale or Dobbies garden centre.
HIHS Members can take their excess pots to
the Trading Centre for use by other Members.

Biodegradable plastic pots are manufactured,
but still have yet to make a major impact.

Paving The Front Garden

permeable paving
To reduce the risk of flooding, planning regulations
apply to paving over front gardens.

The use of permeable or porous materials
or direction of rainwater to an adjacent
lawn or border to drain naturally obviates
the need to seek planning permission.

Link the Planning Portal: Paving Your Front Garden.

Link Government Publication: Guide to Surfacing Front Garden.

RHS Guide: Front Gardens Permeable Paving.

10 Winter Flowering Shrubs

There’s something especially valuable about shrubs
that flower in winter’s short and often dreary days.
Seeing these delightful and resilient flowers
taking frost, rain and snow in their stride lifts our spirits.

Plantsman Graham Rice offers 10 of the best AGM shrubs
use this link to view.

Many are fragrant and can be cut for indoor winter posies.

Christmas Tree Recycle

One inventive way found to recycle real Christmas trees
was to tie weights and submerge into a lake
on a Rickmansworth nature reserve.

The tangle of fronds and branches gave the young fry
cover from carp, herons, cormorants and kingfishers.

Curious Creepy Crawley

Little miss Muffet was the daughter Patience
of Dr. Thomas Muffet who published in 1658
his book "A Theatre of Insects".

Scientists are researching the use of spider venom
in medicine and as non-polluting pesticides.

When their host plant quality becomes poor
or conditions become crowded,
some aphid species produce winged offspring, "alates",
that can disperse to other food sources.

Some woodlice carry their young
in a salt water-filled brood pouch,
a relic of their watery long distant past.

There are over 400,000 species of beetle,
the largest of all orders,
representing almost 40% of described insects
and 25% of all known animal life-forms.

Solutions To Anagrams

Watering CanCultivating HoeGarden Hose
Lawn AeratorTrimming ShearsEdging Shears
Portable SpreaderWheelbarrowKneeling Pad
Power Washer


Garden Fork

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