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Home Page Photo: Phalaenopsis
Know Your Onions
Ornamental Grasses
Hatiora gaertneri (Easter cactus)
Summer Flowering Perennials
Check Out Your Dahlia
Mad March Hares Lepus Capensis
Choosing Fish For A Garden Pond
Potato And Tomato Blight
Space Lettuce

Home Page Photo: Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis are among the world’s most popular pot plant.
New hybrids can tolerate low light levels and centrally heating,
combined with long-lasting flowers of increased colour range
with ready availablity and affordablity.

Use these links to the RHS:
Easy To Grow Orchids.
Phalaenopsis moth orchids.
The Garden March 2017 - Five AGM Orchids.

Know Your Onions

March and time to plant out your onion bed.
The spacing between rows and individual sets
has a major influence on the final harvest.

If you want as big as possible to enter shows
then stick to the traditional 30cm between rows and sets.

If however you want a heavy yield for the cooking pot
then pack them in at 15cm between rows and 5cm between sets.
Research trials have shown this can well exceed
twice the overal weight achieved per plot.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses
Ornamental Grasses left for winter interest
need to be cut back now. Remove spent stems
and tease out dead strands.

Also opportunity for division of large plants
to reinvigorate and increase numbers.

Link to RHS Advice: Ornamental Grasses.

Hatiora gaertneri (Easter cactus)

Hatiora gaertneri
Originally a native of Brazil growing on the trees,
in sub-tropical rain forest at high altitudes.

In the UK it is cultivated as a house plant,
which blooms in early spring, near or at Easter.
Hibridisation has introducted a variety of colour shades.

Use these links for useful growing advice:
The House Plant Expert: Hatiora gaertneri.
Guide To Houseplants: Easter Cactus.

Summer Flowering Perennials

Herbaceous perennials are the mainstay of summer borders,
giving colour and interest with flowers and foliage.

With ever smaller rear gardens becomming the norm
planting the best of the bunch is critical.

Link to RHS: 10 Award Winning Summer Perennials.

Link to RHS: Planting Perennials.

Link to RHS: Perennials Autumn Cut Back.

Check Out Your Dahlia

If you have overwintered dahlias inside check the tubers.
Consider potting up and starting off in a glasshouse.

Manure the ground now that will take them next month
and incorporate plenty of organic material
dalia enjoy a rich furtile soil.

Cuttings are incredibly easy if taken
when the shoots are just a few inches long,
and with warmth they will be rooted
and ready to plant out when the ground is frost-free.

Link: National Dahlia Society cultivation guidance.

Link to RHS: Dahlia comprehensive advice and guidance.

Mad March Hares

Spring is when the 'mad March hares' may be seen,
dashing about in a demented fashion, leaping in the air,
chasing and 'boxing' with each other.

The jacks (males) do most of the boxing, either with each other
in a struggle for social dominance,
or with jills (females) as a prelude to mating.

At other times of the year the hare is solitary.
They do not dig burrows, instead living entirely above ground.
The best time to see a hare is in early morning or at dusk.

Choosing Fish For A Garden Pond

Giants among pond fish, koi and other carp
can grow to 75cm or more in length and so
are only suited to large, well filtered ponds.

Goldfish, like the comets, with their long tails
and the gloriously multicoloured shubunkins are better choices
and grow to a size in proportion to the pond.
The “fancy” forms, with their bubble-eyes,
enlarged heads and oversize fins are not recommended
as they tend not to tolerate the cold of winter.

Link for the: Expert's advice.
Link to RHS: Garden Pond Care.

Potato And Tomato Blight

Late blight, is a disease of the foliage and fruit
or tubers of tomatoes and potatoes, causing rotting.
It is most common in wet weather.

Link to RHS: Identification and control.

The first step is to consider blight resistant varieties.

Link to Allotment Garden: Blight Resistant Potato Varieties.

Link to Gardeners World: Blight Resistant Tomatoe Varieties.

Space Lettuce

Following experiments on earth successfully growing lettuce
in similar gravity and atmosphere of the moon,
this has been followed by growing red romaine
lettuce on the international space station.

Astronaut Scott Kelly voiced: "It was one small bite for man,
one giant leap for future space exploration."

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