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Home Page Photo: Rhododendron luteum
Hope Springs Eternal
Average May Weather
Floral Cryptic Teasers 2
Sow Your Vegetable Seeds
Choose the Right Size Pot
Regular Watering and Feeding
Tallest Sunflower Record
Prune Your Evergreen Shrubs In May
How To Garden On Line Guides

Home Page Photo:
Rhododendron luteum

Yellow azalea
Rhododendron luteum (Yellow azalea)is at its best in May.

These shrubs require a moist, humus-rich acid soil.
They tolerate partial shade but do better in full sun.

It offers spectacular autumn colour when
the leaves turn orange, purple and red.

Link to RHS: Horticultural advice.

Hope Springs Eternal

With a garden, there is hope.
Grace Firth

Gardening is an exercise in optimism.
Elizabeth Murray

A garden is never so good as it will be next year.
Thomas Cooper

Gardeners dream bigger dreams than an Emperor's.
Mary Cantwell

Gardeners are ever optimistic and looking to something better.
Vita Sackville-West

The love of a garden is a seed, once sown, that never dies.
Vita Sackville-West

Average May Weather

Hayling Island Average Temperatures:
Low: 10°C / 50°F Medium: 14°C / 62°F High: 18°C / 65°F.
Average Sunshine 8 hours.
Average Rainfall 50 mm / 2 inches: Rainfall Days 15.
Average Sea Temperature 11°C / 52°F.

Risks of frost past, temperatures moderate and rain probable,
it's time to finish planting out your summer bedding.

Floral Cryptic Teasers 2

1. Auntie of boy wizard2. Sauce thickener?
3. A fancy feline4. Harlequins spouse
5. The matador inspires6. Unhappy carillon
7. A hand in your front room

8. Ruminant's petticoat

Answers at the foot of this page.

Sow Your Vegetable Seeds

veg seeds
Broad beans, carrots, lettuces, spinach, salad leaves, leeks,
and chard can all be sown as seed this month.
A wide variety of seeds are available from our Trading Centre.

Follow the instructions on the packet.
Where possible start them off in pots in the greenhouse,
or on a window ledge to ensure better results.

Don't sow entire packets of seed in one go!
Sow salads in short runs fortnightly for a continuous crop.

Sarah Raven: Top 5 vegetable seeds to sow in May.

Choose the Right Pot

The right pot can benefit a plant's health and life span.
Partner the pot size to the plants requirements.
Use the right compost for the plant.
Consider total weight to move or support.
Locate to the plant's needs.
Check pot is frost proof if in an outside location.

Miracle Gro How to pick the right pot for your plant.

RHS video: Guide to potting on.

Regular Watering and Feeding

The outer skin of tomatoes, potatoes and carrots,
harden under drought conditions.

Then when followed by heavy rain or watering,
the spurt of growth splits the skin,
making unsuitable for entering in a Show.

Regular watering and feeding ensures maximum crop yield,
and best appearance for the show bench.

RHS advice on watering.

Tallest Sunflower Record

The tallest sunflower record is held by
Hans-Peter Schiffer (according to the Guiness Book of Records)
standing 9.i7 m (30 ft 1 in) on 28 August 2014 in Kaarst, Germany.

How to grow the tallest Sunflowers: An Expert's Guide.

Pruning Evergreen shrubs

shrub pruning
May and the ideal time to prune evergreen shrubs,
also deciduous shrubs that have finished blooming.
Act before the new growth begins.

Cut out the dead, weak and branches that carried flowers.
Prune out the centre and cross over branches to open form.

RHS advice and guidance.

How To Garden: On Line Guides

shrub pruning
The Thompson and Morgan website hosts an interesting,
batch of How To Garden presentations.

Use this link to access: How To Gardening Guides.

Floral Cryptic 2 Solutions

1. Petunia2. Cornflower
3. Dandelion4. Columbine
5. Bulrushes6. Bluebell
7. Parlour Palm

8. Cowslip

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