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Home Page Photo: Amarine ‘Belladiva’
Ideal Time To Plant Clematis
October Muse
Spiders In The Bath
Prune Shrub Roses Now
Pine And Conifer Trimmings
Phlox paniculata 'Rosa Pastell
Plant Hyacinths For Christmas
Bamboo Control
Hiring Gardening Contractors

Home Page Photo: Amarine ‘Belladiva’

Amarine ‘Belladiva’
It isn’t something you’d expect to see in October
a swathe of upstanding, pink flowers
growing brilliantly well outdoors in England.

But that’s what newcomer to the horticultural world,
Amarine ‘Belladiva’ can achieve.

The bulb is a hybrid cross of Amaryllis and Nerine.

Link to RHS: Advice on culture.

Link to RHS Wisley Blog - Amarine ‘Belladiva’.

Time To Plant Clematis

Autumn is the ideal time to plant Clematis.

There are varieties for near every situation
growing into trees, shady walls, sunny walls, in pots.

The British Clematis Society website offers words of wisdom
on selection, planting technique and tending.

Link to RHS: for their expert advice.

October Muse

The leaves are gold, the nuts are brown,

They hang so high, they won't come down.
Leave well alone, till frosty weather,
Then to tumble, as two together.

Autumn is marching on when
even the scarecrows are wearing dead leaves.

No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one Autumnal face.

Gardening imparts an organic perspective
on the passage of time.

Spiders In The Bath

Spider season is late September and early October
as males go on the hunt for a mate and invade homes.

House spiders usually remain in their webs,
most commonly in sheds, garages and wood piles,
during the summer months.

They might be scary, but they are quite harmless,
and do a very good job for the garden and ecosystem.

Control spiders by limiting their food source.
Clear away dead flies and small crawling insects
by regularly and thoroughly vacuum cleaning.

Prune Roses Now

Pruning roses now better helps them to weather winter.
Roughly chop bush roses back by about a third,
taking out stems that cross the centre,
and anything dead or diseased.

This makes them less likely to get rocked about
and incur winter damage.

More thoughtful pruning can take place in spring.

Link to RHS: Rose pruning: general tips.

Pine And Conifer Trimmings

Pine needles and conifer hedge trimmings take much longer
to break down than other leaves,
so put them a separate bin.

After two or three years they will break down
to an acidic leaf mould perfect for use around
ericaceous plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons.

Link to RHS: Conifer care.

Link to Gardener's World: How To Trim A Conifer Hedge.

Phlox paniculata 'Rosa Pastell

A classic late-summer border perennial,
Phlox paniculata 'Rosa Pastell' has large heads
of pastel pink flowers opening from deep pink buds.

A Phlox paniculata requires adequate moisture to do best
but generally are reliable and trouble-free.
They can grow happily in full sun or light shade.

Link to RHS: for horticultural advice.

Plant Hyacinths For Christmas

prepared hyacinths
Plant prepared hyacinths in bowls for Christmas scent
and colour in the house.

Follow the advice in this short programme clip from Gardeners’ World
in which Monty Don advices on:
Choosing a suitable container,
Planting depth and spacing,
The right conditions to ensure flowering at the festive season.

Link to Gardener's World: Monty Don's advice.

Bamboo Control

Bamboos are usually valuable ornamental plants.
However, if not kept under control,
some bamboos can become invasive garden weeds,
particularly the types that spread by underground stems.

Follow this simple guide to get rid of bamboo, or at least bring it under control.

Link to RHS: Bamboo Control.

Hiring Gardening Contractors

hedge trim
When you need help in the garden,
there are a wealth of people out there to help,
but it can be difficult knowing who to use.

Follow this link to: RHS tips to help choose.