HIHS On Line Magazine: April 2018

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Home Page Photo: Ceanothus x veitchianus
Blind Daffodils
10 Trailing Alpines
Time To Get Fruity!
Selling Your Home?
Jack Frost Comes Calling
All Year Round Containers
On Line Carrot Museum
10 Plants For Pollinators
April 1st : All Fools Day

Home Page Photo: Ceanothus

Ceanothus (Californian lilac) heralds spring with,
a cloud of blue, white or pink flowers,
well able to weather any April showers.

Link to RHS horticultural advice: Ceanothus.

Blind Daffodils

If foliage is healthy reasons for failing to flower:
Overcrowding and competing for nutriments and water.
Undersized bulbs.
Cutting down foliage too early last year.
Over shady spot.
Bulbs planted too shallow.
Under-fertilized soil.

Link to RHS Advice: Daffodil Blindness.

10 Trailing Alpines

Soften edges and create cascading vertical displays with trailing alpines.
They can tumble over the edge of raised beds,
creep across a gravel mulch, form a backdrop to small bulbs,
and naturalise in cracks and crevices in stone or brick walls.

Plantsman Graham Rice offers 10 of the best AGM trailing alpines
use this link to view.

Time To Get Fruity!

fruit cage
Blackcurrants and Blackberries are spurting into growth,
help them along with a high nitrogen feed.

Last chance to plant raspberry canes.
The SCRI found raspberries grown in poly-tunnels
are bigger and taste better.

Time to tidy strawberry beds and apply a layer of straw.
Cranford University found that reducing watering,
resulted in smaller but more tasty strawberries.
Overwatering resulted in bigger berries but of
lower quality and diluted taste.

Link to Unwins webpage: How To Grow Soft Fruits.

Selling Your Home?

sale sign
For family homes in the south April sees a peak in sales.
The brighter days gives rooms a lift and so to
an attractive front garden, well kept with plants in bloom.

Sellers can achieve in excess of £5,000 above the value
of a similar property with a neglected front garden.
So get gardening and get the financial reward.

All down to kerb appeal encouraging more viewings
and an eventual acceptable offer.

However for flats and starter homes February is the busiest.

Link to RHS webpage: Front Gardens: Planting.

Jack Frost Comes Calling

A late frost can cause significant damage to plants.
The last frost depends on where you live.
On Hayling Island after March has past
so also any significant risk and during April
the likley hood a very rare occurrence.

Global warming currently brings spring,
1 day earlier with the passing of 5 years
and this is forecast to accelerate further.

All Year Round Containers

Time to plant up your containers for the patio.
The RHS has published an article on how to
create a dynamic refreshed seasonal display.

Full of complimentary planting combinations,
each with a different objective in mind.

Lots of useful guidance and tips for maximum impact.

Link to RHS publication: Same Stage, Different Cast.

On Line Carrot Museum

No this is not an April fool there actually is
a website entirely dedicated to the history,
evolution, science, sociology and art of Carrots.

Use this link to view: The World Carrot Museum.

10 Plants For Pollinators

Encourage pollinating insects into your garden
by giving them a head-start in spring.

The RHS has selected their top 10
of the best plants for beneficial pollinating insects,
that are sure-fire winners for gardeners too

Link to RHS webpage: 10 AGM-winning plants for pollinators.

April 1st : All Fools Day

April fools
"The first of April, some do say,
is set apart for All Fools Day;
But why the people call it so, not I,
nor they themselves do know."

All Fools Day originated from France when in 1564
King Charles IX decreed adoption of the Gregorian calendar,
effectively moving New Year's Day with its associated parties
and merrymaking from 1st April to the 1st January.

Those who resisted acceptance of the new calendar were
ridiculed as April fools and subjected to tricks.