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Home Page Photo: Rudbeckia fulgida
Layered Daffodils In Pots
Sedum spurium 'Fuldaglut'
The Power Of Lions
What Is A Garden?
Welcome Bats Into Your Garden
Never a dull dahlia
Gardening Thoughts
Top Ten Autumn Grasses

Home Page Photo:
Rudbeckia fulgida

Rudbeckia fulgida
Rudbeckia fulgida is a super pollinator flower,
in the brightest of yellows. A rhizomatous perennial
with hairy leaves and branching stems.

Tough originating in the valleys of eastern North America.
Its requirements are a decent soil and adequate moisture,
with a welcoming boost of fertilizer each spring.

Link to RHS: for horticultural advice.

Layered Daffodils In Pots

Towards the end of August daffodils
can be planted in tubs and pots.

For a continuing display plant in layers,
each layer chosen to bloom in succession,
top layer first to bottom layer last.

Visit our Trading Centre which offers
a wide choice of quality spring bulbs at keen prices.

Link to Gardeners World video: Layering spring bulbs.

Sedum spurium 'Fuldaglut'

Sedum spurium
'Fuldaglut' is a sprawling, succulent, semi-evergreen perennial,
to about 10cm tall, with dark bronze-red leaves,
that turn greener in summer.

Clusters of deep rose-pink, star-shaped flowers
are produced on upright stems in late summer.

Link to RHS blog: Hyde Hall plant of the month.

The Power Of Lions

Having trouble with cats disturbing seed beds?
Angela Kirby reported in 'Country Living' that
a friend came round with a lion cub,
which roamed her garden urinating here and there.
Evidently not a single cat set its paws
in the garden for the next 12 months.

London Zoo experimented with lion dung
and spray to protect planted young saplings
from deer and rabbits.

What Is A Garden?

back gardens
To some it's just a piece of ground,
for which some gravel must be found.
For others, it's for veg to grow,
shrubs to blossom, lawns to mow.
To some it's a playground with sandpit and slide,
family barbacues, Dad cooking with pride.
For too few, it's nature's sanctuary,
with homes for all the birds and bees.
A welcome haven, where to find,
a soothing, comforting peace of mind.
What is a garden? Large or small,
it's a different thing to one and all.

Welcome Bats

Bats are welcome visitors to gardens being
highly efficient natural pest controllers,
eating hundreds of tiny insects every night,
including many of the pests damaging to plants
and those pesky biting insects.

Plant insect-friendly flowers such as Michaelmas daisies
which at night attract moths to make a ‘bat feast’.

Visit Chris Packham and Juliet Sargeant's: On Line Guide.


Now is the ideal time to invest in a compost bin,
to be prepared for when the leaves fall this autumn.

Home composting transforms landscape and kitchen waste
into a rich soil additive that works wonders for any garden.

Link to RHS: Guide for composting..

Never A Dull Dahlia

Dahlias are invaluable for the late summer border,
often flowering until the first frosts.

They offer a wide range of flower types,
and are enjoying a much deserved return to popularity.

Debranching, disbudding and deadheading:
by following a few basic rules,
prize-winning dahlias can be yours

RHS posting: Never A Dull Dahlia..

Link to RHS: Growing Dahlias..

Gardening Thoughts

bird bath
A busy hoe gathers no rust.

God made rainy days
so gardeners could get the housework done.

Whoever said do something right the first time
and you won't have to do it again,
never weeded a garden.

Give weeds an inch and they'll take your yard.

A garden is a delight to the eye
and a pain for the back.

Top Ten Autumn Grasses

Ornamental grasses adds colour at this late season,
with their slender foliage of distinctive form
give movement and extra interest.

Link to RHS: Top Ten Autumn Grasses..