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Home Page Photo: Abelia
Jest a Minute
Tackling Bindweed
Red Lily Beetle: Lilioceris lilii
Avoid Trouble In Your Garden
Summer Flower Shows
Gardening For The Elderly
The British Fuchsia Society
Pond Water Levels
On Line Gardening Advice

Home Page Photo: Abelia

Abelia grandiflora
Abelia grandiflora is a fully frost hardy, large evergreen.
Can be pruned into a shrub or trained against a wall.
If left it can grow into a tree over 3m tall.
Very easy to grow in reasonable conditions

RHS guide to Abelia grandiflora

Jest a Minute

As happy as a tick on a fat dog.

As useful as a trap door on a canoe!

Among ten sellers only nine will lie.

It only takes three winks to get degraded.

You won't help shoots grow by pulling them up higher.

When walking through your neighbour's strawberry patch,
don't tie your shoe.

One cannot manage too many affairs; like apples in water,
One pops up while you try to hold down the other.

Tackling Bindweed

Bindweed spreads by creeping underground stems.
Digging is unreliable as the smallest root left turns into a new plant.

To eradicate dab glyphosate (RoundUp) directly to the leaves,
or dip the tip into a jam jar of glyphosate.

RHS advice

Red Lily Beetle: Lilioceris lilii

Red lily beetle
Lilium are at their best in July,
but also the most active time for
the larvae of the Red lily beetle.

As they feed, generally on the underside of leaves,
the larvae cover themselves
in their own sticky black excrement.

RHS guidance on how to spot and what to do.

Avoid Trouble In Your Garden

Avoid impulse purchases.
Purchase quality healthy vigorous plants.
Thoroughly prepare the soil before planting.
Locate to meet the plants needs.
Plant in the recommended way.
Allow adequate spacing for future growth.
Monitor new plantings and take necessary action.

Summer Flower Shows

As well as ours on Saturday 5th September,
for the show dates of fellow members of the
Hampshire Federation of Horticultural Societies
use this link: Calendar of Events 2019.

And here are a few father afield:
RHS Tatton Park Flower Show. 17th to 21st July.
Sandringham Flower Show. 24th July.
RHS Hyde Hall Flower Show. 31st July to 4th August.
Taunton Flower Show. 2nd and 3rd August.
Shrewsbury Flower Show. 9th and 10th August.
RHS Wisley Flower Show. 3rd to 8th September.
RHS Malvern Autumn Show. 28th to 29th September.

Gardening For The Elderly

back pain
Gardening is an excellent form of exercise,
but for many causes joint and muscle pain.

Vary the task over short periods to ease RSI.
Restrict and spread the load when lifting.
Use a stool or kneeling pad and get up frequently.
Select tools with rubber grips to avoid strain,
and with long handles to minimise bending.
Keep cutters sharp to minimise necessary torque.
Wear supports to those joints giving past pain.
Plan tasks to restrict unproductive effort.

Link to: further specialist advice.

The British Fuchsia Society

The British Fuchsia Society was formed in 1938,
to further the interest in cultivation of the Fuchsia.

Members receive two bulletins a year,
can participate in the free cuttings scheme,
obtain top growers advice,
enter the shows and competions.

Their Hint and Tips web page,
is a wealth of useful information and growing advice.

Pond Water Levels

In hot weather, water evaporates from water features and ponds,
so regularly check to see if they require replenishment.

Rainwater from a water butt is best as
chemicals in tap water affect the nutrient balance.

During a hosepipe ban, if your pond contains fish,
you can still legally use it to top up.

Link to: RHS guidance on pond care.

On Line Gardening Advice

The Garden Grower website hosts a large range of articles
and is full of expert gardening advice, information and help.

Use this link to access: The Garden Grower.

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