HIHS Hundred Plus Club

Participating members pay a subscription of £12 per year.
The Hundred Plus Club year starts in March
when repeat subscriptions are due.

There is a monthly draw.
For every £1 of entry fees, 50p is allocated to prize money
and 50p donated to support our shows.
The 100+ Club is organised by Hazel Phillips,
to contact use this Feedback Form.
Download 100+ Club application form with terms and conditions.
Download 100+ Club standing order form.
Currently the monthly prize money has reached:
First £26.00, Second £15.60 and Third £10.40.
Drawn numbers for January 2019 were:
First 78, Second 10 and Third 23.

Drawn numbers for February 2019 were:
First 102, Second 17 and Third 68.

Drawn numbers for March 2019 were:
First 85, Second 106 and Third 16.

Drawn numbers for April 2019 were:
First 85, Second 103 and Third 5.

Drawn numbers for May 2019 were:
First 85, Second 73 and Third 31.

Drawn numbers for June 2019 were:
First 80, Second 8 and Third 2.

Drawn numbers for July 2019 were:
First 64, Second 116 and Third 32.

Drawn numbers for August 2019 were:
First 9, Second 61 and Third 33.

Drawn numbers for September 2019 were:
First 101, Second 93 and Third 65.

Drawn numbers for October 2019 were:
First 42, Second 76 and Third 89.


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