HIHS Website
Legal Statement

The Website Manager acts on behalf
of the Society and its Officers,
who own and pay all expenses associated with this site
and are legally responsible for all content.

The Hayling Island Horticultural Society is run
by its members for its members in accordance with
the published Rules of the Society,
to offer social activity and companionship,
competitive opportunity in annual shows
and friendly advice for domestic gardeners.
The Society has no political allegiances
and is open to anyone to join.

Under the Data Protection Act, the Society
is not registered with the IOC as it was established
on a not-for-profit making basis and does not
intentionally set out to make a profit,
when such occurs all profit is used
for its own purposes and not used to enrich others.

The website objective is to inform our members
and the general public of the Society
and all of its many activities,
a platform for announcements,
associated organisations news,
together with encouraging domestic gardening
through knowledge and guidance.

All horticultural guidance is given in good faith,
individuals act upon such guidance at their own risk.
Please note that whilst we endeavour to ensure that
the information provided on this website is correct,
we cannot guarantee that it will always be error free
or that it will change. We therefore accept no responsibility
for any losses of any kind resulting from errors
in the information provided.

The HIHS has no commercial gain from this site
nor any of the included links.

The site endeavours to comply with
The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR).
Many of the pages include links to other sites.
Users are advised, should they choose to connect to these sites,
such is entirely at their own risk.

The software contains no personal information
other than private emails of officers
as initially approved by those individuals
or information approved by those individuals.

The Society uses information submitted by persons
on their Membership Application form
only to process information necessary:
To administer membership records.
To maintain our own accounts and records.
To inform members of news, events and activities.
To process information necessary to provide
or administer activities for people who are members
of the organisation or have regular contact with it.
To only keep the information while the individual
is a member or supporter or as long as necessary
for member/supporter administration.

The Society complies with its obligations under the "GDPR"
By treating personal data as strictly confidential;
By keeping personal data up to date;
By storing and destroying it securely;
By not collecting or retaining excessive amounts of data;
By protecting personal data from loss, misuse,
unauthorised access and disclosure by ensuring
appropriate security measures are in place.

None of the information submitted by persons
on their Membership Application form
is used or appears on the HIHS website.

The site does not download and use personal data
from any third party website.
The site does not allow
third parties to add comments or posts.

Copyright of the site content, where applicable,
rendered since 2012.

The site is no longer connected to Google Analytics
but currently utilizes Google fonts.

Valid from 25th May 2018.
Revised postings 21.07.2018 and 26.09.2019.